Profile of Activities

Our office has important experience in various specialised areas:
1. Layout and design of natural grass stadiums including design of natural fixed
obstacles (examples: LA SILLA Monterrey and Valkenswaard, CSIO La Baule/FRA,
CSI Valkenswaard/NED
Main Stadiums of
CSI Monterrey/MEX,
designed and built 1993/94
(with team LA SILLA)
2. Design of new obstacles (examples CHIO Aachen, CSI Monterrrey,
  CSI Valkenswaard, Pavarotti International, CSI Istanbul, CSI Cairo)
3. Course Design of major National or International Tournaments (like Aachen,
  Auckland, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Doha/Qatar, Gijon, Istanbul, Madison
  Square Garden, Modena, Monterrey, Palm Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto and
  many others)
b) Official Course Plan and Internet Communication
4. Concipation and Consultation of new or existing International Tournaments
  including Sports Program, Direction, Course Design and Organisation of
  Tournaments (like Aachen, La Baule, Luxembourg, 1st Pavarotti International,
  Monterrey, Valkenswaard, Istanbul a.o.)
Layout Jumping-Stadium Valkenswaard/NED, designed and built in 1992
5. Leading and Supporting Young Course Designers world-wide since many years
  (Courses, Seminars, Assistances etc.)


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