In what we believe


In what we believe


Equestrianism is part of

"Nature-Based Sports and Ecology" *)

The history of Equestrian Sports started at least 3.000 years ago, but Jumping Sport was initiated only 140 years ago with first Jumping Competitions at the First Show of the Royal Dublin Society in the year 1864

*) (Name of the Institute at the Cologne University of Sports)





One of the most important Architects of the last century, he was also a painter

Architecture is not a "Job" to "earn quick money", but it is a "vocation" and "personal expression of spirit" - it is the light to chase away "ignorance and stupity!"

This might also be valid for Course Design.



Course Design


Natural Beauty of a Nature-Based Sport.

Rhythm and Free Forward Movement.

Musicalité des Lignes and Elégance.

With a Multitide of Balanced Tests considering the Welfare of the Horse.

Choreography for MASTERS.


ASCD Interior Guidelines and Principles


  • To motivate young Equestrian Personalities to accept the long School of becoming an important Course Designer, a Concours Designer or a Trainer.

  • To organise, lead and present First-Class Instruction Courses for Course Designers, Trainers, Organisers (Concours Designer), Judges/Stewards, Obstacle Producers, Media/Journalists, Marketing Representatives and other.

  • ASCD considers specially Course Design as a multidisciplinary scientific speciality with a high creativity potential getting close to arts.

  • For it's Courses, Seminars, Symposia etc. ASCD next to it's Leaders is engaging best available experts to teach various special subjects like landscaping, footing, green and sand maintenance, ethics, stable management, report about recent championships etc..

  • Since the beginning in 12/2004 until 01/2010 ASCD is counting an overall participation of more than 1.300 (from 64 nations/all continents incl. 60 lectors, adjucators, assistants etc. from 30 nations/5 continents).

  • At the end of each Course, Seminar etc. participants will receive an ASCD-Certificate.



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